Principal Specific Features Android Operating System

Android Operating System

User Interface in Android Operating System

The interface for the Android OS is easy to use and functional. These features make it extremely user-friendly. It’s quite customizable

Multi-Language Support:

Android has multiple language support within its operating system, and one can enhance the language quickly according to one’s needs.


Android allows users to use apps as well as assistance for background tasks which allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously at the same time.


Android offers a broad range of assistance to connectivity, and it includes connectivity options like WIFI, Bluetooth, Hotspot, CDMA, GSM, NFC, VOLTE, UBB, VPN, 3G network band and 4G Band.

Wide Support for Applications:

Android holds the Play store that is used as the primary tool to download and update software for the operating system. However you can download the installer (often called APK files) and then install it manually; however, it’s not recommended as third-party applications could result in any security breach in smartphones.

Android 10 is Google’s most modern operating system that was released on September 3rd, 2019.

This is the very first Android release that doesn’t have sweet names such as marshmallows, KitKat, or any other sweet.

It was planned to launch with the title Android Q, although surprisingly google came up with names that were mathematical, such as android 10.

The current version of android is 11 that comes with Android API 30. A lot of phones are running Android 12. It isn’t readily available but we’ll soon have the option to use the latest version of Android. Android is improving its user interface with each update, which makes the android experience more convenient for users.

The categories of Android applications The categories of Android applications are: 

1- Android applications are categorized in accordance with their purpose. There are generally five to six categories, along with a few sub-categories.

2- The first is Android games. This category is huge since nowadays the majority of people are playing and all sorts of other stuff.

3- Another one is entertainment. Every video, music player and similar things fall into this category.

4- Another category is gallery, and all types of photo-viewers fall under this category.

5- The second category concerns business. All the software that aid businesses fall into this category.

6- The second is social media. In this category are all sorts of including social media.

In the same way, there are different kinds of software that could be created by us.

There are several different types of software that are useful, so we are exploring how we can get started with developing.

Benefits of ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM(Android) Phones
1- Open Ecosystem

Android offers a variety of app stores, and one of them comes in the form of Google Play (the official app store operated by Google) that comes as a standard feature on nearly all tablets and smartphones so that users can locate and download new software.

However, unlike other companies’ approach, Android allows its users the option of installing applications via the third-party application store. It is possible to download apps directly through the website of the developer or install them using flash memory cards, or download them from a third-party app store.

There are, of course, the risks of installing apps from unknown sources and the program will warn you about the dangers if you enable users to install apps from third-party sources. It is important to note that it offers you the possibility of choosing.

2- User Interface that can be customized

Google has been hard at work to create the Android user interface (UI) as adaptable and adaptable as it is. To do this, Google’s loaded Android with an array of custom-designed widgets. They can be utilized anywhere within the UI and offer shortcuts or updates to a number of services, like email, calendar and massages, etc.

3- Open Source

The Android operating system permits hardware and software manufacturers as well as developers to modify the core operating system software. This allows companies to modify the OS for use in specific sectors.

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4- Innovations are able to be introduced faster

Android Platform has long-standing experience of supporting most cutting-edge concepts. Although casual apps continue to appear on every operating system simultaneously, the more significant innovations in hardware are almost always a result of Google.

5- Customized Roms

There are many third-party apps that provide advanced capabilities on Android and one of the greatest benefits is that you can install it, change it over and even install custom versions of it instead of the default version that comes with the phone. It allows you to make numerous tweaks to your system that you wouldn’t have access to effortlessly on any other OS such as Windows as well as IOS.

6- Affordable Development

It is easy to get your own application on the market for Android and you aren’t required to pay large development costs. The app environments are absolutely free and can save you thousands of dollars and there’s no limit, meaning that if would like to create more than one application it’s possible without difficulty.

7- APP Distribution

For iOS apps, you’ll have to sign up for Apple’s Apple App Store. For Android apps there is no need for any of those. Simply publish the app wherever you want. You don’t have an “empire” watching you from the side. There are many third-party stores , and you can launch your app in a matter of minutes.

8- Affordable

Because Android OS is cheap to purchase, most users prefer to purchase Android phones due to the affordable cost of Android phones. iOS as well as windows phone are expensive when compared to android phones.

Benefits of Android OS in comparison to Symbian OS

Android is open source as such, a vast array of Android apps are accessible. Android is a lot faster.Android Operating system employed by numerous phone manufacturers. It is specifically made for devices that can be operated by touch .

The disadvantage of Symbian

Symbian is a dated and in the market operating system.Symbian operating system is specifically created devices with keys.

The disadvantages associated with Android Operating systems

1- Memory storage is not as large.

Android supports external memory storage but due to the tiny internal storage of the system, it can be extremely difficult for an Android user to download large applications or online in games-like applications.

2- Automatic closing of games and apps

The major drawback of Android Operating System is that big applications are forced by OS to shut down and this is extremely irritating for Android users.

3- Data connection

Android apps process the majority of the time in the background. This can lead to data connectivity issues.

4- Battery life

Android apps process the majority of the time in background, which causes battery issues. Read More



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